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Biochemical catalogue customisation

Discuss your biochemical customisation projectThe biochemical customisation services from Cayman Chemical allow you to tailor our catalogue products to meet your research requirements. From customised formulations to specific sizes and exact weights, we can offer the flexibility your research project requires.

Exact weight service

Standard vial preparation of research-grade biochemicals frrom Cayman Chemical typically allows for a variance in weight of -2% to +5%. Available for research-grade products supplied at >1 mg, the exact weight service from Cayman Chemical provides the exact weight to 2 decimals printed on the vial label.

Custom size

For sizes falling between our standard vial sizes, our custom size services offers you a tailored solution to order the quantities and specifications your research project requires.

Custom formulations

Customise to your exact applications with our custom formulation service, available for single, research-grade biochemicals. Prioritising stability and functionality, Cayman Chemical work with you to customise biochemical formulations, considering solubility, downstream applications and specific solvent requestions to provide a custom solution.

Our specialists are here to help you with your customisation requests. Contact our biochemical customisation specialists to discuss your project.