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Custom biochemical synthesis

Cambridge Bioscience offers custom biochemical manufacture, organic synthesis and natural product isolation services from Cayman Chemical and LKT Laboratories.

Cayman Chemical has an experienced team of chemists with a depth of knowledge and experience in complex organic syntheses including prostaglandins, leukotrienes, cannabinoids, fatty acids, heterocyclic chemistry, and pheromones. 

Cayman has a proven track record of supplying academia, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies with the synthesis of novel organic compounds, process development, and manufacturing of high purity pharmaceutical and fine organic chemicals in milligram to process scale batches with on-time delivery.

LKT Laboratories specialises in the isolation of compounds from natural sources using high-performance counter current chromatography and have extensive experience in working with a variety of plant materials. Their method results in nearly 100 percent sample recovery, no sample degradation and full polarity coverage in one run.

To discuss a custom biochemical manufacture, please contact our specialists.

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