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Lipid nanoparticle development services

Discuss your LNP development project with usCayman Chemical offer lipid nanoparticle (LNP) development services to support drug delivery research, including lipid synthesis, LNP formulation, characterisation and optimisation, as well as analysis and screening.

Lipid synthesis

Cayman Chemical is a world leader in the synthesis, purification and characterisation of lipids. As part of their contract services, Cayman offer custom lipid synthesis of high-quality LNP components, including cationic lipids, ionisable cationic lipids, neutral phospholipids, anionic lipids, glycerolipids, sphingolipids, sterols and PEGylated lipids.

Benefits of using Cayman's lipid synthesis service

  • Experts in lipid synthesis, purification & characterisation
  • Synthesise high quality LNP components including cationic lipids & ionisable cationic lipids
  • Service includes synthetic feasibility & route scouting; process development & optimisation; manufacturing & scale up
  • Fully equipped analytical facilities for validation
  • GMP synthesis of lipid components available

Lipid nanoparticle LNP formulation, characterisation & optimisation

The LNP formulation, characterisation and optimisation service from Cayman Chemical is designed to fine-tune your lipid-based nanoparticle formulations, offering maximum efficacy and stability.

Benefits of using these LNP services

  • From experts in LNP formulation, LNP characterisation & LNP optimisation
  • Service includes screening LNP preparation (variable flow rates & lipid ratios)
  • Bulk LNP preparation up to 200 ml
  • Highly characterised LNPs, including LNP & payload concentration, size & polydispersity, aggregation & encapsulation efficiency
  • Stability testing included

LNP formulation service workflow

LNP analysis & screening

Cayman Chemical also offer bioanalytical services for in vitro assessment of payload delivery and downstream biological effects of LNP drug delivery systems.

LNP analysis & screening service includes

  • BSL2+ cell culture for immotalised or primary cells
  • Flow cytometry & high-content imaging readout of reporter payload delivery and/or expression, as well as effects on cell viability
  • Ready-made & custom assay development
  • Cell-based, immunoassays, enzyme activity, reporter and mass spectrometry assays to measure the impacts of therapeutic payload delivery

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