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Rockland Immunochemicals

Rockland Immunochemicals
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Established in 1962, Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. is a global biotechnology company manufacturing antibodies and antibody-based tools for use in basic, applied, and clinical functional genomics, gene therapy or drug discovery research to help define mechanisms underlying cell function. 

Primary antibodies are offered as off-the-shelf reagents and target apolipoproteins, apoptosis, cell cycle, cytokines, epigenetics, extracellular matrix, and transcription factors. Rockland produce their own antiserum at their animal facilities as well as purify and test each antibody in their laboratories. Each lot of every product is quality-control tested to a rigorous standard and application-tested for consistent performance. Furthermore, each product line is multi-assay validated to ensure uncompromised research conditions..

Cambridge Bioscience are pleased to distribute Rockland Immunochemicals in the UK.

How good antibodies can improve the reproducibility of an experimentRockland Immunochemicals - How good antibodies can improve the variability of an experiment

i) Application

Rockland scientists validate the performance of antibodies by assays commonly used by most researchers including ELISA, Western bloitting & immunohistrochemistry.

Many Rockland products are validated in a variety of assays and guaranteed to work according to the data sheet



ii) Cross-reactivityHow good antibodies can improve the reproducibility of an experiment

Rockland antibodies are tested at every stage of production using positive and negative controls, ensuring the antibody targets the right protein every time.

Rockland quality control standards require the highest possible specificity for antibodies. Reactivity to other species is listed on the data sheet.



iii) VariabilityHow good antibodies can improve the reproducibility of an experiment

Rockland manufacturing processes deliver unsurpasses repeatability in antibody production and minimal variation between lots.

Rockland adheres to QSR/cGMP quality standards (CFR:21H part 820) with full reporting and traceability.

A product data sheet is provided with each order.


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Rockland Immunochemicals - Antibodies and antibody-based tools