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Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.

Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
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Bethyl Laboratories, Inc. has been producing polyclonal antibody products for over forty-five years and over this time they have developed a reputation for outstanding quality.

Their portfolio consists of over 9,500 products; offering over 8,200 primary antibodies targeting over 3,300 proteins and 1,300 secondary antibodies raised against immunoglobulins from over 25 species.

Unique antibody validation process

Every antibody that Bethyl sells has been manufactured to exacting standards at its sole location in Montgomery, Texas, and has been validated in-house by Bethyl’s team of scientists.

To produce antibodies that are highly sensitive with minimal cross-reactivity, Bethyl has devised a unique process for validating the specificity of its antibody products, which is critical to the reproducibility of antibody-based experiments.

While many other antibody suppliers settle on using data from a single antibody, Bethyl tests with paired antibodies raised against distinct protein epitopes. Only after an antibody has been validated for specificity in immunoprecipitation and/or Western blot is it then tested in additional applications, such as immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, ChIP, and proximity ligation assay.

With >10,000 independent citations, you can trust every antibody from Bethyl Laboratories

Cambridge Bioscience is pleased to be the sole distributor of Bethyl Laboratories' products in the UK and Ireland.

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