HeLa optimised DNA transfection reagent: TransIT-HeLaMONSTER

TransIT-HeLaMONSTER® from Mirus Bio is a high efficiency, low toxicity, plasmid DNA transfection reagent specifically optimised for HeLa transfection. Ideal for both stable and transient transfection, TransIT-HeLaMONSTER efficiently delivers single or multiple plasmids to cells.

Benefits of using TransIT-HeLaMONSTER
• Low cellular toxicity
• High efficiency delivery - 50-60% transfection efficiency
• Stable and transient transfection
• Deliver single or multiple plasmids
• Serum compatible

TransIT-HeLaMONSTER achieves high transfection efficiency

TansIT-HeLa Monster

HeLa cells transfected with pEGFP using TransIT-HeLaMONSTER Kit in complete media for 24 hours.

"Our lab has been satisfied with the routine use of the TransIT-HeLaMONSTER Transfection Kit. Transfections exhibit high target protein expression with very little cell toxicity. Cells remain viable post-transfection and can be readily infected with virus without any problems."
Dr. Corine St. Gelais, The Ohio State University, Center for Retrovirus Research

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Material available for download
TransIT-HeLaMONSTER protocol
TransIT-HeLaMONSTER quick reference protocol


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Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
TransIT-HeLaMONSTER® Transfection Kit MIR 2900 · Mirus
MIR 2900
1 ml £505.00
1 ml
TransIT-HeLaMONSTER® Transfection Kit MIR 2904 · Mirus
MIR 2904
0.4 ml £326.00
0.4 ml
TransIT-HeLaMONSTER® Transfection Kit MIR 2905 · Mirus
MIR 2905
5 x 1 ml £2196.00
5 x 1 ml
TransIT-HeLaMONSTER® Transfection Kit MIR 2906 · Mirus
MIR 2906
10 x 1 ml £4059.00
10 x 1 ml