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Azure Cielo Dx Real-Time PCR system

The Azure Cielo Dx Real-time PCR system for in-vitro diagnostic use from Azure Biosystems brings you the accuracy and sensitivity you need for your research. Designed to fit the needs of your lab, the Cielo 3 Dx and the Cielo 6 Dx systems offer you the flexibility to select a system that fits both your applications and your budget.

For IVD use
The Azure Cielo 3 Dx and Azure Cielo 6 Dx systems are are registered for IVD use in the UK with the MHRA (GMDN code 48031-thermal cycler nucleic acid amplification analyser IVD, laboratory, automated).

Why Azure Cielo Dx?Azure Dx image
The Azure Cielo 3 Dx and Cielo 6 Dx brings you:
Flexibility - engineered for a wide variety of qPCR applications, with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range
Intelligent workflow - intuitive user interface allows simple touch screen assay setup, and multi-user logins to make each run easy and reproducible
Reliability - the optics and thermal block are designed to deliver the same uniformity and reproducibility after 1000 qPCR experiments
Connectivity - no external PC is required to run the machine. Data can be transferred via ethernet, LAN, Wi-Fi or USB

Reliable and reproducible results begin with well-to-well temperature uniformity. The Cielo Dx offers performance without compromise with tight replicates through superior inter-well uniformity and reliable detection of 1.5-fold differences.

Performance without compromise

Azure Cielo Dx amplification curve

Amplification curves for 96 replicates have been shown in figure A. linear plot and figure, and B. logarithmic plot. 96 replicates of 105 copies of GAPDH template were amplified in the presence of GAPHD primers and BioRad™ Sso Advanced SYBR Green Mix®. Average Cq = 19.1, Coefficient of variance (Cv)= 0.002.

Reliably detect 1.5 fold differences

Reliably detect 1.5-fold differences

Figure A. Amplification curves for assays of GAPDH in a dilution series of human reference cDNA (n=3). Assays were conducted using BioRad™ Sso Advanced SYBR Green Mix®. Figure B shows the standard curve obtained by plotting Cq values vs the amount of template DNA (copies/µl). R2=0.998, efficiency = 99.89%.

Built to last

Azure Cielo Dx qPCR experiment number

After sequential sets of 1000 continuous qPCR experiments, a GAPDH qPCR assay was performed and Cq values were recorded at every 100 experiments points. Average Cq in each assay = 22.4, ±0.01.

• gene expression
• library quantification
• pathogen detection
• genotyping
• multiplexing

Material available to download
Cielo Dx brochure

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