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p24 lentivirus titer kit: QuickTiter

The QuickTiter™ kit from Cell Biolabs provides fast and specific detection and quantitation of lentivirus associated HIV-1 p24 core protein, minimising the overestimation of lentiviral titre. Using patented ViraBind™ reagents which specifically form complexes with only HIV-1 p24 core protein and not to free p24, the QuickTiter lentivirus titer kit accurately measures HIV-1 p24 core protein with a detection sensitivity limit of 1 ng/mL HIV p24, or 10,000 to 100,000 TU/mL VSVG-pseudotyped lentivirus samples.

Benefits of using QuickTiter Lentivirus Titer Kit
• Quantifies virus-associated p24 core protein only, not free p24
• 1 ng/mL HIV p24 sensitivity
• Accurate viral titres are achieved in one day
• Simple protocol

QuickTiter Lentivirus Titer Kit assay principle

Material available for download
QuickTiter Lentivirus Titer Kit Manual
QuickTiter Lentivirus Titer Kit MSDS

QuickTiter Lentivirus Titer Kit citations


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