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Steroid ELISAs

Steroid ELISAs

Cambridge Bioscience offers highly sensitive steroid ELISA kits which give reliable and reproducible data. Defining sensitivity as the 80% B/B0 value, these steroid ELISAs are compatible with several biological matrices and have broad species reactivity. 

Benefits Of Using These Steroid ELISAs
• Highly sensitive detection in the low pg/ml range
• Compatible with cell culture medium, plasma & serum
• Broad species reactivity
• Wide range of targets
• Strip & solid well formats available
• Designed with competitive assay principals
• Rigorously quality tested

Competitive ELISA Standard Curve Quantitation
Cayman Chemical provides researchers with both the 80% B/B0 value and the LLOD along with the assay’s high-low range and 50% B/B0 mid-point (the direct centre of the most reliable portion of the curve) to further qualify the ELISA’s robustness.

80% binding is the minimum level where reliable, reproducible data can be obtained and represents the minimal functional sensitivity outside of the range of statistical bias.

Competitors typically define by the Lower Limit of Detection (LLOD), usually considered the mean zero plus two standard deviations. While this is the lowest level of analyte detected by the kit, this range is typically not reliable nor reproducible and may reside at a concentration below the linear range of assay. This value typically lies below an assay’s functional sensitivity range.

Sample Competitive ELISA Standard Curve

Sample Competitive ELISA Standard Curve

Why Choose A Cayman Chemical Assay
Measure with confidence. Sensitivity defined


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