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Endocrinology ELISAs

Cambridge Bioscience supplies a wide portfolio of ELISAs from our partner, Cayman Chemical, for accurate and reliable data. The range of ELISAs includes kits for the measurement of steroids, hormones and peptides validated in several biological matrices. 

Each ELISA undergoes rigorous quality testing, certifying high precision and accuracy to deliver the sensitivity and specificity needed to detect biologically significant analyte levels. Many ELISAs are offered in an express format with just two hours incubation time. 

Many of Cayman’s ELISAs use acetylcholinesterase (AChE), a highly stable enzyme that offers advantages over other enzyme reporters:

  • Does not self-inactivate during turnover
  • Enables redevelopment if assay is accidentally splashed or spilled
  • Not affected by buffer salts or preservatives
  • No stop reagent required