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Casy - Rapid & Accurate Analysis Of Cellular Samples

Automated Cell Imaging System - JuLIStage
JuLI™ Stage Applications

Upgrading Your Laser Scanner? Consider The Sapphire™

Cell Counter Chamber Slides - C-Slides

Cell Counter Chamber Slides - C-Slides

Cambridge Bioscience offers disposable cell counter chamber slides compatible with Countess™ cell counters.

Benefits Of Using C-SlidesC-Slide
• No need for coverslips
• Disposable
• Eliminates the need for washing
• Reduce exposure to infectious samples and risk of contamination
• Guaranteed reproducibility and reliability
• Made of sturdy quartz grade optical plastic

Material Available for Download
C-Slide Flyer

Countess™ is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific


Note: availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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