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ADHP - ANA85500 - 25 mg - AnaSpec - reagents & kit components

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Size: 25 mg
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10-Acetyl-3,7-dihydroxyphenoxazine (ADHP), also called Amplex® Red and Ampliflu™ Red, is not only a sensitive and stable fluorogenic substrate for HRP but also an ultrasensitive probe for H2O2. In the presence of HRP and H2O2, ADHP generates highly fluorescent resorufin that has maximum absorption of 571 nm and maximum emission of 585 nm. Unlike other HRP substrates such as dihydrofluoresceins and dihydrorhodamines, the air-oxidation of ADHP is minimal. So far ADHP has been known as the most sensitive and stable fluorogenic probe for detecting HRP and H2O2. ADHP has been widely used to detect HRP in many immunoassays. On the other hand, Zhou, et al. have demonstrated that ADHP can be used to detect trace amount of H2O2. The ADHP-based H2O2 detection is at least one order of magnitude more sensitive than the commonly used scopoletin assay for H2O2. Because H2O2 is produced in many enzymatic redox reactions, ADHP can be used in coupled enzymatic reactions to detect the activity of many oxidases and/or relatedEnzymes/substrates or cofactors such as glucose, acetylcholine and cholesterol, L-glutamate, amino acids, etc. We offer the best quality of ADHP with the most competitive price. The reagent can be purchased in a single 25 mg vial or can be custom-packaged to meet your special requirements.

Product Type:
Reagents & Kit Components
CAS Number:
Storage Temp:
-20°C desiccated and protected from light
Compound Purity:
≥95% by HPLC
Molecular Weight:
Sipos I, et al. (2003). Quantitative relationship between inhibition of respiratory complexes and formation of reactive oxygen species in isolated nerve terminals. J Neurochem 84, 112-8, Palamakumbura AH and Trackman PC (2002). A fluorimetric assay for detection of lysyl oxidase enzyme activity in biological samples. Anal Biochem 300, 245-5, He X, et al. (2002). A fluorescence-based, high-throughput sphingomyelin assay for the analysis of Niemann-Pick disease and other disorders of sphingomyelin metabolism. Anal Biochem 306, 115-23, Votyakova TV and Reynolds IJ (2001). ??(m)-Dependent and -independent production of reactive oxygen species by rat brain mitochondria. J Neurochem 79, 266-77, Lindsay S, et al. (2001). Hydrogen peroxide formation during iron deposition in horse spleen ferritin using O2 as an oxidant. Biochemistry 40, 3340-7, Amundson DM and Zhou M (1999). Fluorimetric method for the enzymatic determination of cholesterol. J Biochem Biophys Methods 38, 43-52, Zhou M and Panchuk-Voloshina N (1997). A one-step fluorimetric method for the continuous measurement of monoamine oxidase activity. Anal Biochem 253, 169-74, Zhou M, et al. (1997). A stable nonfluorescent derivative of resorufin for the fluorimetric determination of trace hydrogen peroxide: applications in detecting the activity of phagocyte NADPH oxidase and other oxidases. Anal Biochem 253, 162-8.
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