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NY-ESO-1 (87-111) - ANA62655 - 1 mg - AnaSpec - proteins & peptides

NY-ESO-1 (87-111)
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Size: 1 mg
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NY-ESO-1 (87-111)

This is amino acids 81 to 111 fragment of the NY-ESO-1. The NY-ESO-1 antigen is expressed by many tumors of different histological types (including breast, prostate, lung, and melanoma) and by male germline cells, but not by other normal tissues. NY-ESO-1 encodes MHC class I- and class II-restricted peptides expressed by a diverse range ofCancers and recognized by T cells. This peptide is pan-MHC class II-restricted sequence that is capable of binding to multiple HLA-DR and HLA-DP4 molecules, including HLA-DRB1*0101, 0401, 0701, and 1101 and HLA-DPB1*0401 and 0402 molecules.

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Proteins & Peptides
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Peak Area by HPLC ≥95%
Molecular Weight:
Mandic, M. et al. J. Immunol. 174, 1751 (2005).
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