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Thrombin Receptor Activator for Peptide 6 (TRAP-6) - ANA24190-25 - 25 mg - AnaSpec - proteins & peptides

Thrombin Receptor Activator for Peptide 6 (TRAP-6)
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Size: 25 mg
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Thrombin Receptor Activator for Peptide 6 (TRAP-6)

This peptide forms the N-terminal sequence left after thrombin cleavage of the receptor's amino-terminal exodomain thereby activating the thrombin receptor PAR1. This sequence then acts as a tethered peptide ligand. Free SFLLRN activates PAR1 independent of receptor cleavage and has been used to probe PAR1 function in various cells and tissues. This peptide is also known to be capable of activating PAR2.

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Proteins & Peptides
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Compound Purity:
Peak Area by HPLC ≥95%
Molecular Weight:
1, Hammes, SR and Coughlin, SR. Biochem, 38:2486-2493 (1999). 2, Scarborough, RM. et al. J. Biol. Chem. 267, 13146 (1992). 3, Ahmad, S. and PN. Walsh, Biochem. 44, 13858 (2005). 4, Buergler, M. et al. J. Thromb. Thrombolysis 19, 115 (2005).
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