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RNA sequencing services

Lexogen are a flexible service provider that offers a fully integrated workflow to sequence known and unknown RNA in any species. Their expert knowledge and experience allows them to advise customers based on their specific needs to gain the best results from their samples. Lexogen are RNA specialists, who produce a range of innovative, high-quality RNA-Seq kits, so you know your samples are in safe hands. With a team of sequencing experts, you can trust Lexogen to produce the best possible results from your samples, including challenging low-input and low-quality samples, such as FFPE.

After a free consultation and workflow performance, Lexogen will provide a thorough data analysis report, as well as the option to arrange a meeting to discuss your data and results.

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What makes Lexogen's services different?

  • Global experts in RNA-Seq: Lexogen's kits are used by thousands of scientists around the world and trusted by pharma and biotech leaders
  • Strict GDPR data protection: You can trust your data is safe, from sample extraction to data transfer
  • Customise solutions to meet your goals: Lexogen's team of experts can adapt workflows to fit your unique needs
  • Quick, careful & easy transportation: Based in Europe, Lexogen provides expert communication and quick turnaround to keep your project moving

Services available
• 3’ mRNA-Seq (gene expression profiling)
• mRNA-Seq (whole transcript analysis with poly(A) selection)
• Total RNA-Seq (whole transcriptome analysis with ribo-depletion)
• Single-cell RNA-Seq
• Small RNA-Seq
• Other 

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What can you expect from Lexogen's services?

  • Accurate sample identification: using Lexogen's 12-nt UDIs to maximise your sequencing yields
  • PCR bias-free quantification: ensures gene expression accuracy, for even the lowest quality samples
  • Globin mRNA depletion: globin mRNA blockers improve sensitivity for blood samples.
  • Error & bias detection: workflow validation & data set concordance provided by spike-in control transcripts

• Gene expression profiling 
• Gene expression screening 
• mRNA sequencing 
• Whole transcriptome sequencing 
• Small RNA sequencing 
• Single-cell & ultra-low input RNA sequencing 

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