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Microbiome analysis services

The microbiome analysis services from Zymo Research offer a complete solution for unbiased microbiome profiling, with results in as little as two weeks. These targeted and shotgun services include complete bioinformatics and statistical analysis, as well as group comparisons presented in a comprehensive, user-friendly report. Suitable for any sample, Zymo's services use certified low bioburden reagents to limit sample contamination alongside mock microbial communities which have been deemed 'regulatory-grade genomes' by the FDA.

Benefits of using these microbiomics services
• Unbiased microbiome profiling
• Quick turnaround - as little as 2 weeks
• Species-level resolution with 16S sequencing
• Publication-ready data
• Cited in major publications
• Suitable for any sample, including human samples, water, soil, food testing and pathogen surviellance
• Certified low bioburden reagents
• Rigorous mock microbial community standards used

Services available

  Target organisms Sequencing platform used Typical analyses include

Targeted sequencing service: 16S (V1-V2, V1-V3, V3-V4, V4 or V6-V8)

Bacteria, archaea Illumina® MiSeq® • Composition bar plots
• Taxonomy heatmap
• Alpha-diversity
• Beta-diversity
• LEfSe biomarker discovery
• Taxa2SV decomposer
• Absolute abundance quantification

Targeted sequencing service: ITS

Fungi Illumina® MiSeq®

Targeted sequencing service: 18S

Eukaryotes Illumina® MiSeq®

Shotgun metagenomic service

Bacteria, viruses, fungi, protists Illumina® NovaSeq® • Functional profiling
• Taxa identification to strain level
• Antibiotic resistance gene identification
• Virulence factor identification
• Clustering heatmap
• Alpha-diversity
• Beta-diversity
• LEfSe biomarker discovery

Unbiased microbiome profiling using robust microbiome standards

Unbiased Microbiome Profiling

Unbiased Microbiome Profiling

ZymoBIOMICs microbiomics standards are included in every project for unbiased microbiome analysis (left). Zymo Research’s Microbiome Analysis Services use unparalleled DNA extraction protocols: the ZymoBIOMICS DNA Kits. These kits are commonly reported in literature and are certified to have unbiased microbial lysis, resulting in the most accurate microbiome profiling. Other common DNA extraction protocols and kits reported in literature have a dramatic bias toward certain microbes.

Zymo Research microbiomics services citations

Material available for download
Zymo Research targeted service sample report
Zymo Research shotgun service sample report

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