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Sample collection and preservation

Sample collection and preservation are pivotal initial steps in achieving high-quality, reproducible results in microbiome studies. However, practices vary widely among labs, leading to significant differences in outcomes. Without proper protection during storage or transport, microbes experience varying growth and survival rates, resulting in altered community profiles. Additionally, nucleic acid profiles can rapidly change due to environmental factors. To ensure accuracy, collection and storage methods must prevent nucleic acid profile alterations. While freezing samples at -80°C is ideal, it may not be feasible, and transportation costs can be prohibitive. Moreover, some preservation reagents require removal, introducing bias. The timing and method of sample collection also influence observed microbial profiles and should be carefully considered in study design. 

Our sample collection and preservation range includes a wide selection of sample collection devices including for oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal swabs, saliva, urine and faeces, as well as a novel DNA and RNA stabilisation solution for nucleic acids in any biological sample. Our devices are ideal for use in RT-PCR and other nucleic acid detection processes. 

Our strong supplier relationships ensure the fast and continuous supply of bulk quantities of sample collection kits to testing laboratories across the UK and key product lines are in stock and available for immediate delivery.