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Lipidomics services

Discuss your lipidomics service projectWith Cayman Chemical's extensive experience in lipid synthesis, purification and characterisation, you know your lipidomics study is in expert hands. Cayman's targeted and untargeted lipidomics services are conducted in their lipid analysis laboratories, equipped with state-of-the-art chromatography, mass spectrometry and data analysis systems.

What you can expect from Cayman's lipidomics services:

  • Expert consultation on best practices, including sample collection, processing and storage to preserve sample integrity
  • Optimised sample extraction protocols guided by accepted literature methods
  • Rigorously validated MaxSpec mass spectrometry standards that control for variability and enable accurate quantitation
  • Profile analysis or absolute quantitation of customisable analyte sets
  • Timely updates, interactive real-time data review and comprehensive reporting with strict confidentiality
  • Results you can trust

To discuss your project, please contact our lipidomics service specialists.