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Targeted lipidomics & absolute quantitation service

Discuss your lipidomics service projectCayman Chemical's targeted lipidomics service enables the focused analysis of a known collection of lipids. This service maximises the data obtained from precious samples, using precise method development to include equal amounts of isotope-labeled or odd-chain internal standards selected from customisable lipid panels.

This service is particularly useful for quantifying lipids present at low levels in samples, such as endogenous bioactive lipids, such as prostaglandins, leukotrienes or endocannabinoids.

Targeted lipidomics service process

  • Lipids from each sample are extracted using standardised protocols
  • Lipids are analysed by LC-MS/MS using analyte-specific collision-induced mass transitions from the molecular ion (or, in some cases, from a known adduct) to a characteristic fragment ion
  • Analyte concentrations are determined from calibration curves prepared from authentic standards, or surrogate standards when necessary

Data reporting
Standard statistical analysis tools can reveal changing trends in lipid species among experimental groups, which can be visualised with a heat map or other available graphical tools.

Targeted lipidomics service bio assay dev sample analysis

Heat map generated from relative quantitation by LC-MS/MS of oxylipins in the spleens of mice. Visualisation tools like this one help find changing trends within complex sets of data.

To find out more or discuss your project with us, please contact our lipidomics service specialists.

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