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DNA PCR clean-up and concentration

Cambridge Bioscience offers a range of DNA clean-up and concentration kits from Zymo Research that allow high recoveries of ultra-pure DNA from a range of input materials including gels, PCR reactions and sequencing reactions.

DNA Clean and Concentrator® selection guide

Sample type Application Recommended kits
Enzymatic reactions and impure/diluted samples DNA clean-up DNA Clean and Concentrator Kits
Large DNA clean-up Genomic DNA Clean and Concentrator Kits
DNA size selection Select-a-Size DNA Clean and Concentrator
Oligonucleotide clean-up Oligo Clean and Concentrator Kits
Removal of polyphenolic inhibitors OneStep™ PCR Inhibitor Removal Kits
Sequenced DNA samples   ZR DNA Sequencing Clean-up Kits™
Agarose gel excisions   Zymoclean™ Gel DNA recovery kits

Zymo-Spin™ technology
Zymo Research scientists have developed the most comprehensive technologies for nucleic acid clean-up and concentration from any preparation. Salts and alcohols are completely removed from samples using uniquely designed spin-columns and plates that ensure complete elution with no buffer carryover. Zymo-Spin technology has revolutionised the microcentrifuge column to ensure the purification of high-quality, ultra-pure DNA or RNA ready for use in any sensitive downstream application.