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Casy - Rapid & Accurate Analysis Of Cellular Samples

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Cell counting

Automated cell counters are designed to replace manual haemocytometer-based cell counting, offering enhanced throughput, accuracy and standardisation. With multiple methodologies available, selecting the most appropriate cell counter for your cell type or application is not a trivial task.

We have a broad range of cell counting systems available for evaluation and are therefore able to assist you in selecting the most suitable methodology for your specific cell counting needs.

When investigating new cell counters, consider the suitability of the following methods:

Automated trypan blue (brightfield)

  • Bringing a higher level of reproducibility, throughput and data management to manual trypan-based viability counts
  • Similar benefits and constraints to manual haemocytometer counts, making it most suited for simple, nonclumpy cell culture samples of relatively high viability
  • Available on: EVE™, CellDrop™ BF

Automated AO/PI (fluorescence)

  • Fluorescent stains can clearly recognise nucleated cells in amongst cellular debris, bringing clarity and increased accuracy to live/dead cell counts
  • Uses similar cell counting algorithms to automated haemocytometer-based counting
  • Well suited for counting primary cells or clumpy samples
  • Available on: CellDrop™ FL

Image and stain free counting (ECE - electrical current exclusion)

  • Image free counting - draws hundreds/thousands of cells through an electrical field aperture
  • Highly reproducible - ECE counts the number and volume of each cell
  • Dead cells, with electrically leaky membranes, are registered as smaller objects providing a stain free method for cell counting
  • Subpopulations (e.g. lymphocytes, monocytes and platelets within PBMCs) are clearly profiled
  • ECE accurately measures aggregated cell biomass and can count very small cells (bacteria), very large cells (yeast, microorganisms)
  • Available on: CASY® Counter

Cambridge Bioscience is an independent supplier of a range of automated cell counting systems. We can assist you in evaluating and selecting the best cell counter for your application by comparing several different approaches in parallel.  If you would like to learn more about the systems we offer, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact our Application Specialists on with a description of your cell types and applications.

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Download the eBook 'Picking the perfect automated cell counter: methods and instrumentation'

Our new eBook explores a range of brightfield, fluorescent & stain-free options. This practical guide describes the varying requirements for counting simple cells cultures up to primary cells & PBMCs and profiles three different instruments.