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Cell counting

To improve throughput, accuracy and standardisation when counting cells, many researchers are choosing to replace their haemocytometer with an automated cell counter. But with a variety of cell counting methodologies available, selecting an automated cell counter to meet the needs of your laboratory can be challenging.

Our team is here to guide you through cell counter selection. We offer a range of automated cell counters for a wide range of applications depending on individual needs.

The CASY® Counter offers high accuracy, stain-free analysis of cultured cells and primary cell lines including PBMCs. It is capable of counting cells as small as 0.7 μm making it capable of counting yeast and bacterial cells.

The CellDrop™ enables high speed cell counting without slides, using trypan or AO/PI methods, eliminating consumable costs and reducing plastic waste.

The EVE™ is the perfect choice for quick cell culture counts, performing counts and live/dead analysis in less than 20 seconds. We also offer a range of cell counting slides for the EVE and Countess™ cell counters as well as the world’s first true disposable haemocytometer, the C-Chip.

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