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EVE-HT FL automated cell counter

The EVE™ HT FL is an advanced fluorescence cell counter designed for high-throughput operations, featuring bright field and two fluorescence channels (AO/DAPI). It can analyse and count up to 48 samples in a mere 3 minutes. Renowned for its exceptional precision and accuracy, the EVE™ HT FL is the ideal solution for analysing both cell lines and primary cells across various applications.

Benefits of EVE-HT FLEVE-HT FL
• Up to 48 samples at a time
• 3 minutes of counting
• Only 20 µl of sample volume required
• User-independent consistency
• Optional extra: 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

21 CFR Part 11 compliance
EVE™ HT FL is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant ready for use in cGMP facilities.

AO/DAPI staining - Counting and viability


Accurate Fluorescent Cell Counting for PBMCs
Utilise EVE-HT FL to exclusively count nucleated cells like PBMCs when in mixture with RBCs or platelets. Opting for fluorescence based counting boosts accuracy over traditional methods such as Trypan Blue based counting.


Exceptional linearity across wide ranges
In accordance with the ISO standard for cell counting, we assessed the linearity of EVE™ HT FL by utilizing two types of cell lines: CHO cells and Jurkat cells. The subsequent findings illustrate exceptional linearity.

Linearity data

Materials for download
EVE-HT FL brochure
EVE-HT FL poster

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EVE Cell Counting slides EVS-050 · NanoEnTek
1000 slides £1478.00
1000 slides
EVE Cell Counting Slide EVS-050-50 · NanoEnTek
50 slides £80.00
50 slides