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Cambridge Bioscience is a leading distributor of life science products and services with a passion for bringing new and exciting technologies to researchers in the UK and Europe

Working with over forty specialist suppliers around the world, we offer an innovative and diverse range of over 500,000 products and services supporting research in many areas including drug discovery

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Cell Technologies
Cambridge Bioscience offers a comprehensive range of cell technologies from cells to cell culture systems to cell counting and analysis devices.
Hanging-Drop 3D Culture Systems
Nanofiber Scaffolds
Culture Media & Supplements
Serum Replacement
Primary Cells
Stem Cells
Cell Counting Device
Hand Held Flow Cytometer

Assay Development & Screening
Cambridge Bioscience offers a range of screening services from ChanTest, the service provider repeatedly recognised as the "Most Trusted Fee-For-Service" & "Most Used Fee-For-Service" ion channel service provider as well as the xCELLigence system from ACEA Biosciences enabling real-time, label-free, cellular screening.
Ion Channel, GPCR & Kinase Screening & Profiling
xCELLigence Real-Time, Label-Free Cellular Screening
Epigenetic Target Screening

In Vitro DMPK & Safety Screening
Cambridge Bioscience offers a range of in vitro DMPK products and safety screening services
• GLP & Non-GLP Cardiac Safety Assessment
xCELLigence Real-Time, Label-Free Cardiomyocyte Screening
Endotoxin Detection & Removal
Fresh Human Blood
Fresh Human PBMCs

Human Tissues & Biomarkers
Cambridge Bioscience works with a broad network of established human tissue providers, offering access to high quality biospecimens.
Human Tissues
FDA Frozen Tissue Panels

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