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Wound healing assays

The CytoSelect™ wound healing assay kits assess the migratory, proliferation and wound healing characteristics of cells. Overcoming the weaknesses of the traditional scratch method by using proprietary treated inserts that can generate a defined wound field or gap without impeding the proliferation or migration of cells, the CytoSelect™ wound healing assay kit produces accurate and consistent results.

Benefits of using the CytoSelect™ Wound Healing Assay
• Precise - creates a 0.9mm gap
• Consistent results
• Overcomes many of the weaknesses of the scratch assay

Closure of MEF/STO cells

STO cells were tested using the CytoSelect™ 24-well wound healing assay. Cells were cultured 24h until a monolayer formed, at which time the inserts were removed to begin the assay. Cells were monitored under DAPI labeling and cell staining for determining percent closure.


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Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
CytoSelectâ„¢ 24-well Wound Healing Assay CBA-120 · Cell Biolabs
Cell Biolabs
24 assays £710.00
24 assays
CytoSelectâ„¢ 24-well Wound Healing Assay CBA-120-5 · Cell Biolabs
Cell Biolabs
5 x 24 assays £2952.00
5 x 24 assays