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Lentiviral transduction: TransDux

TransDux™ from System Biosciences (SBI) is a unique transfection reagent that enables high viral transduction rates into most cells, even those that are resistant to infections. Provided as a 200X solution, sufficient for 80 transductions for a 24 well plate, TransDux is a less toxic alternative to standard polybrene.

Benefits of using TransDux viral transduction reagent
• High transduction efficiency
• Broad cell type compatibility
• Minimal hands-on time

PEG-it™ and TransDux
Easily concentrate lentiviruses with PEG-it virus precipitation solution and deliver virus to target cells efficiently with Transdux. 

PEG-itâ„¢ and Transdux

Infect more cells with TransDux

Infect more cells with TransDux

The original TransDux Reagent increases transduction efficiencies at least 2-fold compared to polybrene. Transduction of either HepG2 cells (top panels) or HT1080 cells (bottom panels) with the addition of polybrene (left two panels) or TransDux (middle two panels). The right two panels show quantitative measures of infectivity using the Global UltraRapid Titer Kit. Both imaging and infectivity data show that TransDux increased the infectivity of lentivirus in both cell types as compared to polybrene

Material available for download
TransDux protocol

TransDux viral transduction reagent citations


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Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
TransDux virus transduction reagent (200x) LV850A-1 · System Biosciences
System Biosciences
100 transductions £268.00
100 transductions
TransDux MAX Lentivirus Transduction Enhancer LV860A-1 · System Biosciences
System Biosciences
100 transductions £408.00
100 transductions