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LAMP RNA component kit: LavaLAMP

Lucigen offers a kit enabling complete control of each RNA LAMP (loop-mediate isothermal amplification) assay to identify the best reaction conditions for specific targets and primer sets. Built around a proprietary DNA polymerase with strand displacement activity that works on both RNA and DNA templates, the LavaLAMP™ RNA component kit’s unique features enable RNA LAMP (starting with RNA targets/templates) using a single DNA polymerase. The enzyme first copies the RNA into cDNA, and then loop mediated isothermal amplification takes over to amplify the initial RNA target sequence present in the new cDNA making amplified and detectable target-specific, dsDNA.

Benefits of using the LavaLAMP RNA Component Kit
• Run amplification reactions using less complex & lower cost instruments
• Lyophilisation-ready compinents
• Fully optimisable reaction formulation
• Assists current users of the LavaLAMP RNA Master Mix: by streamlining additional assay optimisation

LavaLAMP RNA Master Mix
The LavaLAMP RNA Component Kit is a deconstruction of the LavaLAMP RNA Master Mix, and as such, when reactions are setup using the initial Experimental reaction conditions outlined in the Component Kit User Manual, the composition of that reaction matches the composition of the recommended initial Master Mix reaction outline in its User Manual.

Material available for download
LavaLAMP RNA Component Kit user manual
LavaLAMP RNA Component Kit quick protocol
LavaLAMP flyer


Note: product availability depends on country - see product detail page.

Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
Green Fluorescent Dye 30078-1 · Lucigen
500 reactions £95.00
500 reactions
LavaLAMP RNA Component Kit 30096-1 · Lucigen
500 reactions £481.00
500 reactions
LavaLAMP RNA Component Kit with Dye 30097-1 · Lucigen
500 reactions £527.00
500 reactions