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LAMP DNA component kit: LavaLAMP

The LavaLAMP™ DNA component kit from Lucigen contains a unique, highly processive DNA polymerase enzyme with strong strand displacement activity designed for loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assay development. Featuring the same enzyme as the LavaLAMP DNA master mix, the  LavaLAMP DNA component kit has an individual reagent format giving complete control of each LAMP assay and full optimisation capabilities. All components are compatible with lyophilisation so reactions will not have to be reformulated or reoptimised to remove components that hinder lyophilisation such as glycerol and betaine.

Benefits of using the LavaLAMP DNA component kit
• Run LAMP assays with low complexity instrumentation
• 68-74°C reaction temperature reduces background amplification and improves primer specificity
• Generate room temperature stable test kits through lyophilisation
• Custom volumes and dispensing available
• Assists current users of LavaLAMP master mix by streamlining additional assay optimisation

Equivalent performance between the LavaLAMP DNA component kit and the LavaLAMP DNA master mix

Equivalent performance between the LavaLAMP DNA component kit and the LavaLAMP DNA master mix

LAMP reactions (8 replicates per test) were set up using the indicated kits and targets with the same concentrations of Target-Specific Primer Mixes (1X) and the same target input amounts. The LavaLAMP DNA Component Kit reactions were formulated to 1X LavaLAMP DNA Buffer, 10 mM MgSO4 and 0.8mM dNTPs (each) to match the final formulations of the LavaLAMP DNA Master Mix reactions. Green Fluorescent Dye was included in all reactions. Reactions were run on a CFX96 Thermal Cycler (Bio-Rad) at the following temperatures - M13mp18, 74°C and tcdA, 69°C and fluorescence was measured during the course of the 60-minute reactions to determine TTR. NTC = No Target Control.

LavaLAMP DNA Master Mix
The LavaLAMP DNA component kit is an exact deconstruction of the LavaLAMP DNA master mix. When reactions are set up using the initial experimental reaction conditions outlined in the component kit user manual, the composition of that reaction formulation matches the composition of the master mix-based reaction. Find out more about the LavaLAMP DNA Master Mix.

Material available for download
LavaLAMP DNA Component Kit user manual
LavaLAMP DNA Component Kit quick protocol
LavaLAMP DNA Component Kit flyer


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LavaLAMP DNA Component Kit 30076-1 · Lucigen
500 reactions £460.00
500 reactions
LavaLAMP DNA Component Kit with Dye 30077-1 · Lucigen
500 reactions £510.00
500 reactions
Green Fluorescent Dye 30078-1 · Lucigen
500 reactions £95.00
500 reactions