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In situ protein proximity analysis kit: MolBoolean

The MolBoolean™ kit from Atlas Antibodies is an immunofluorescent-based in situ proximity analysis kit for protein-protein interactions in cells and tissue, complete with proximity ligation assay and image analysis software for visualisation of fluorescent signals. The technology enables relative quantification of free versus interacting fractions for two analysed protein targets within the sample, with an easy-to-use protocol.

Benefits of using the MolBoolean™ kit

  • Detect free and interacting proteins simultaneously
  • Stronger fluorescence signals by rolling circle amplification
  • Easy-to-use protocol
  • Video image analysis support
  • Validated in both cells and tissue

MolBoolean™ Mouse/Rabbit is designed to work with the user's selected primary antibodies derived from mouse and rabbit. This technique uses anti-mouse and anti-rabbit secondary proximity probes combined with rolling circle amplification (RCA) to enhance signal detection. Through a series of molecular steps in the MolBoolean assay, data about the binding of antibodies to their targets - whether individual or interacting protein - is incorporated into the amplified products. This information is then translated into fluorescent signals by detection reporters, which can be observed using a standard fluorescent microscope.

MolBoolean enables visualisation of both individual and interacting proteins

Figure 1

Figure 1: MolBoolean analysis was conducted to investigate the interaction between E-cadherin (cat. AMAb90862, magenta) and β-catenin (cat. HPA029159, green) in MCF7 cells. This analysis provided a relative quantification of the free versus interacting protein fractions, demonstrated by the detection of rolling circle products (RCPs) in one or two fluorescent channels. The data is normalized to the total levels of target proteins (total RCPs).

Materials to download
MolBoolean flyer
MolBoolean kit datasheet


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MolBoolean Mouse / Rabbit MolB00001 · Atlas Antibodies
Atlas Antibodies
4.8 ml approximately 120 assays (40 ul/assay). £2048.00
4.8 ml approximately 120 assays (40 ul/assay).