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Human biospecimens for cardiac research

Through our partner AnaBios, we offer guaranteed high-quality human cardiovascular tissues, to help generate valuable data and early human insights into a drug’s efficacy and safety in cardiovascular conditions before clinical trials.

AnaBios obtains all biospecimens from fully consented donors, directly from the original source with a traceable and transparent tissue origin. All transplant centres are accredited and fully compliant with local laws for human biospecimen collection. Samples are available in frozen, formalin-fixed and RNAlater®️ formats.

Cardiac imageBenefits of using these cardiac biospecimens
• Guaranteed high-quality
• Fully traceable and transparent tissue origin
• All biospecimens obtained directly from original source
• From accredited transplant centres in USA
• Guaranteed compliance with local laws for human biospecimen collection
• Customised approach to adapt projects to exact customer requirements
• Avoids challenges of data interpretation encountered with animal models

• Cardiovascular disease (CVD) including heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke, vascular dementia, coronary artery disease (CAD), atrial fibrillation, cardiac hypertrophy
• Assess efficacy/safety on genuine human targets
• Generate reliable quantitative human data on potency and selectivity of potential drugs

Material available for download
Human cardiac tissue brochure

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Note: product availability depends on country - see product detail page.

Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
Human Cardiac Tissue - Healthy CAR-101N · AnaBios Corporation
AnaBios Corporation
100-200 mg POA
100-200 mg
Human Cardiac Tissue - Diseased CAR-103D · AnaBios Corporation
AnaBios Corporation
100-200 mg POA
100-200 mg
Human Preserved Cardiomyoctes - Healthy CAR105NhCM · AnaBios Corporation
AnaBios Corporation
500,000 cardiomyocytes POA
500,000 cardiomyocytes