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96 sample exosome purification kit: Exo-spin 96

Exo-spin™ 96 from Cell Guidance Systems enables exosome isolation from up to 96 individual samples in less than 30 minutes. Utlising size exclusion chromatography (SEC) technology and a detachable 8 x 12 well strip format, 8-96 samples can be processed simultaneously at the benchtop, without the need for instrumentation. This kit can be used to isolate exosomes directly from protein-rich samples, such as sera and plasma, and concentrated samples of low-protein biofluids, such as cell culture media and urine.Exo-spin 96

Benefits of using Exo-spin 96
• 30 minute workflow
• Outstanding reproducibility
• Benchtop process - no instrumentation required
• Flexible 8 x 12 well detachable strip format
• Convenience of purified exosomes eluted directly into a 96 well plate
• Compatible with protein-rich samples eg sera, plasma & concentrated samples of low-protein biofluids eg cell culture media, urine etc

Exo-spin isolated exosomes characterised with NTA

Exo-spin isolated exosomes by NTA

Excellent reproducibility is routinely achieved with Exo-Spin. Data for 8 columns shown. Exosomes have been isolated using Exo-spin 96 and analysis performed with the ZetaView® instrument.

Exo-spin comparitive data

Exo-spin exosomes comparitive data

Exo-spin shows superior yield and purity. Data determined by nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA). Each curve represents the average of 3 technical replicate measurements for each exosome isolation method and biofluid triplicate experiment. (PM = Precipitation Method). Data generated for Exo-spin mini columns which have the same resin and measurements. Adapted from (Martins, TS et al., 2018).

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Mass spectrometry citations
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Functional study citations
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Material available to download
Exo-spin 96 user guide

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