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The EcHECk ELISA kit from Hycult Biotech enables the reliable detection of IgM antibodies against Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) bacteria in serum samples up to two months after onset of infection. Whilst traditional PCR or culturing methods are unable to detect EHEC after one week of infection, the EcHECk ELISA kit offers reliabile diagnosis from a much longer time frame, with results in hours rather than days.

EcHECk ELISA kitBenefits of using the EcHECk ELISA kit
• Reliable detection up to 2 months after onset of infection
• Results in just 3.5 hours
• Compatible with serum or plasma samples
• Thorough validation using diseased and healthy samples

Material available for download
EcHECk ELISA kit protocol
EcHECk ELISA kit datasheet


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EcHECk, ELISA kit HK508 · Hycult Biotech
Hycult Biotech
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96 detections