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Powerful cuvette spectrophotometer - DS-C

Powerful cuvette spectrophotometer - DS-C

This simple-to-use UV-Vis cuvette spectrophotometer from DeNovix comes with an outstanding dynamic range, sensitivity and flexibility. Quantifying biomolecules from any cuvette with an 8.5 mm z-height, the DS-C is ideal for nucleic acid quantification, protein and peptide quantification, colorimetric assays, kinetic assays and OD600 microbial cell cultures producing results in less than two seconds.

Benefits of using the DS-C
• Wide dynamic range
• High sensitivity
• Data in less than two seconds
• Simple-to-use with Android® interface
• No PC set-up or software installation
• Common assays built into measurement apps
• Large in-built 32 GB data storage
• Choice of colours - blue, red, white and grey
• Optional fluorescence upgrade

• Nucleic acid quantification - dsDNA, RNA, ssDNA
• Protein and peptide quantification - BSA, IgG, custom proteins
• Colorimetric assays - Bradford, BCA, Lowry, Pierce 660
• Kinetic assays - fully customisable, 37-45°C
• OD600 microbial cell cultures - optical density and cell/ml calculations

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