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10 minute protein staining system: eStain L1

The eStain L1 system from GenScript is a highly efficient protein PAGE gel staining system, offering fast 10-minute gel staining and de-staining, saving hours compared to traditional methods. The system uses Coomassie Brilliant Blue and GenScript's patented protein staining technology to integrate the traditional three steps of fixing-staining-destaining into one quick and simple step. Compatible with all types of precast, as well as conventional staining methods, gel stained using eStain show crisp bands with minimal background and exceptional sensitivity, detecting as low as 12.5 ng of protein.

Benefits of using the eStain L1 gel staining system
eStain L1 protein gel staining system• Versatile: stain with Coomasie Blue or membrane staining with Ponceau S solution
• Stain and destain in less than 10 min
• Automatic system pumps reagents in and out
• Sharply stained protein bands
• Exceptional sensitivity: detect ≥ 12.5 ng protein
• Highly reproducible results
• Simultaneously stain/destain two mini gels

eStain protein staining system provides superior sensitivity, detecting ≥ 12.5 ng protein

eStain superior sensitivity

eStain L1 system was used to stain ExpressPlus PAGE gel, 4-12%, 10 wells from GenScript. Staining was completed in 9 minutes 30 seconds.

Bands are uniform with excellent reproducibility with either Coomassie Blue or Ponceau S solution

Bands are uniform with excellent reproducibility with either Coomassie Blue or Ponceau S solution

eStain was used to stain SurePAGE Bis-Tris gels, 4-12% from GenScript. Membrane: GenScript nitrocellulose, PVDF. Samples: Pre-stained protein standard; unstained PAGE-Master protein stands. Staining solution: Ponceau S solution. Staining was completed in 9 minutes 30 seconds.

Material available for download
eStain L1 protein staining system brochure
eStain L1 protein staining system quick guide
eStain L1 protein staining system user manual
Application note: Ponceau staining protocol for eStain L1

• Protein staining
• Protein de-staining

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eStain L1C Protein Staining Kit L00753 · GenScript Biotech
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Small Two Pass Screw Cap(Fit 5L and 10L container) L00663 · GenScript Biotech
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