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Zymo-Spin™ ChIP Kit
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Zymo Research

Zymo Research
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Zymo Research have a rapidly expanding range of products for epigenetics and molecular biology including the top selling EZ DNA Methylation Gold Kits and the innovative Zyppy Plasmid DNA Mini-prep Kit.

Although historically recognised for their innovative DNA and RNA purification technologies Zymo Research have recently greatly expanded their epigenetics product portfolio. It is their objective to develop and provide a comprehensive set of research tools for DNA methylation analysis and epigenetics research.

Zymo-Spin™ technology
Zymo Research scientists have developed the most comprehensive technologies for nucleic acid clean-up and concentration from any preparation. Salts and alcohols are completely removed from samples using uniquely designed spin-columns and plates that ensure complete elution with no buffer carryover. Zymo-Spin™ technology has revolutionised the microcentrifuge column to ensure the purification of high-quality, ultra-pure DNA or RNA ready for use in any sensitive downstream application.

Cambridge Bioscience is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Zymo Research in the UK and Ireland

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