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PODS™ Growth Factors
Fully Defined Stem Cell Culture Media

Large Batches Of Recombinant Human BMP4

Achieve High Yield Mammalian Protein Production In Suspension HEK 293 & CHO Derived Cells

Cell Guidance Systems

Cell Guidance Systems
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Cell Guidance Systems is developing innovative new products to support stem cell research.

Its first commercial product is the Pluripro® hPSC culture system which combines novel media and matrix technologies to provide a confluent pluripotent stem cell culture system that is highly efficient, effective and economical.

The company also offers a range of very affordable standard recombinant growth factors, many of which have been tested in the culture of pluripotent stem cells.

Cambridge Bioscience is closely linked to Cell Guidance Systems and is responsible for distributing its products in the UK and Ireland.

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