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LipidLaunch™ SM-102 LNP (mCherry)

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CAY39319-2.5 ug
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An SM-102-based LNP solution for expressing mCherry; composed of SM-102, cholesterol, DSPC, and DMG-PEG(2000) at a molar ratio of 50:38.5:10:1.5 and encapsulating mRNA encoding mCherry; intended for proof-of-concept experiments to determine whether SM-102-based LNPs effectively lead to expression of a protein of interest in a target cell type, either in vitro or in vivo; mCherry has ex/em = 587/610 nm, respectively

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LipidLaunch™ SM-102 LNP (Luciferase) CAY39318-5 ug · Cayman Chemical
CAY39318-5 ug
Cayman Chemical
5 µg £463.00
5 µg