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CD22 CHO Recombinant Cell Line (High Expression)

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Recombinant clonal stable CHO cell line constitutively expressing full length human CD22 protein (Genbank #NM_001771). Surface expression of CD22 was confirmed by flow cytometry. This clonal cell line was selected for medium level expression of CD22. A clone exhibiting higher levels of CD22 expression is also available (#79557-M). Please contact BPS Bioscience for additional information. This product is for research use only and is subject to a Limited Use License. For your order to be processed, you will be required to complete a Limited Use License Agreement form at: https://bpsbioscience.com/license/agreement/form, ensuring you state your Purchase Order number when asked for Sales Order/Quote #. Further information can be found at: https://bpsbioscience.com/license.

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Store in liquid nitrogen immediately upon receipt.

CD22 CHO Recombinant Cell Line (High Exp
CD22 CHO Recombinant Cell Line (High Expression)
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CD22, Fc-fusion, Avi-Tag HiP™ Recombinant BPS-79464 · BPS Bioscience
BPS Bioscience
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