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Lipid-Free RNAi Transfection Reagent
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Cambridge Bioscience offers over 20,000 3'UTR, miRNA, miRNA knockdown, shRNA and siRNA constructs.

Cambridge Bioscience RNAi Search
With over 20,000 RNAi constructs available, Cambridge Bioscience want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the RNAi of your choice. The Cambridge Bioscience RNAi search enables you to search by gene name, gene symbol or accession number, filter your results by RNAi type, species and construct, as well as sort by price or supplier. Simplify your searching and give it a try today.

Can't Find Your RNAi?
If you are unable to find your cDNA of choice or would like to discuss a custom cDNA project, please contact our experienced Reagent specialists by Clicking Here or alternatively use our RNAi retriever service by Clicking Here

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