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Minicircle vector DNA cloning

Cambridge Bioscience, in collaboration with System Biosciences, offers access to a custom minicircle DNA vector construction service. Produced as small circular DNA fragments after excision from a parental plasmid, the nonviral, episomal minicircle expression cassette is free of any bacterial plasmid DNA sequences that can lead to silencing, and comes with a variety of promoter and reporter combinations. Their small size facilitates more efficient transfection than what is possible with standard-sized plasmids. While minicircles do not replicate with the host cell, expression lasts for 14 days or longer in dividing cells and can continue for months in nondividing cells.

Minicircle technology

Features of the custom minicircle DNA vector construction services
• Cloning of cDNA, microRNA or shRNA into Minicircle parental vectors
• Variety of promoter and marker combination options or customise your own design
• Delivery of large quantities of MC-DNA in just a few weeks
• Minicircles can be delivered into mice through tail vein injection - expression lasts for months

Achieve sustained expression after transfection in vitro and in vivo

Transfection of 1 µg of minicircle DNA

Easy, sustained transfection in most cell types (left) and transgene expression in animal models for weeks (right). Transfection of 1 µg of minicircle DNA (pMC.CMV-MCS-EF1-GFP-SV40PolyA, Cat.# MN511A-1) into HEK293 cells delivers over one week of robust gene expression. Hydrodynamic tail vein injection of minicircle DNA (CMV-GFP-Luc) into mice shows excellent expression after several weeks. Minicircle-delivered transgenes retain robust expression that can last for weeks compared to transgenes that are delivered using plasmid DNA where expression is rapidly lost. In this study, 40 µg of minicircle DNA was introduced into mice via hydrodynamic tail vein injection.

Ordering minicircle services is simple

  • Step 1. Contact us for a quote and to discuss your project
  • Step 2. Send us your producer plasmid, or have us make the vector for you
  • Step 3. Receive ready-to-transfect minicircle plasmids in as little as four weeks

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