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Microbiome nucleic acid isolation

Discover the mysteries of the microbiome using ZymoBIOMICS' selection of nucleic acid purification kits tailored for microbiome research. The innovative lysis system from ZymoBIOMICS eradicates bias associated with uneven lysis efficiencies among various organisms, such as gram-negative/positive bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and algae.  

With the included DNA/RNA Shield™, nucleic acids are preserved at room temperature, ensuring an impartial molecular snapshot of the sample. This kit offers dual purification methods from the same sample type: (1) Complete nucleic acid purification (DNA and RNA in a single elution) or (2) Separate purification of DNA and RNA into distinct fractions. The resulting DNA and total RNA are devoid of PCR inhibitors like polyphenols, humic acids, and fulvic acids, making them suitable for applications such as (RT)qPCR, hybridization, sequencing, and more. 

Pair ZymoBIOMICS nucleid acid purification kits with the ZymoBIOMICS microbial community standards to maximise extraction efficiency and detect source of bias throughout the rest of your workflow.

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