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plexWell normalising library prep technology

The plexWell normalising library prep platform utilises a transposase to selectively tag DNA samples in a unique sequential manner, providing more control than other transposon methods with less bias and input DNA variations.

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How does the plexWell technology work?

Samples are sequentially tagged with Illumina P7 and P5 primers resulting in normalised libraries with unique barcode combinations, providing sequencer-ready libraries.



Unfragmented DNA is tagged with sample-specific i7-barcoded adapters followed by pooled barcoding. Pooled sample-barcoded DNA is tagged with pool-specific i5-barcoded adapters. The final step is library amplification with universal primers and SPRI purification. The pooled library is ready to be loaded in an Illlumina™ sequencer, producing normalised sequencing reads.

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