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Synthetic cell viability controls: ViaComp

ViaComp® from Slingshot Biosciences is the only full process control for viability staining that binds to both DNA and amine-reactive viability dyes. These cell mimics contain DNA, making this reagent a full process control for DNA-intercalating live/dead labelling. Working with primary amine-based viability dyes, the staining of the ViaComp beads mimic live and dead populations of real cells with exceptionally high accuracy. 

Benefits of using ViaComp
• Enables conservation of rare cell types 
• Provides consistent viability data
• High stability and multi-year shelf life
• Robust, bright compensation control for live and dead cells
• Ready-to-use: pre-mixed negative and positive control beads
• Minimal non-specific binding to negative peak

High DNA binding with ViaComp


Left: ViaComp beads have encapsulated DNA which yield a high and specific signal to DNA intercalating dyer. The mixed positive and negative beads result in a clear separation of the peaks. Right: ViaComp beads react with primary amine viability dyes to yield a highly specific signal. The positive and negative beads result in the separation of peaks with minimal background noise. 

Material available for download
Application note: viability staining with ViaComp
ViaComp product flyer 

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ViaCompĀ® , Advanced 2-in-1 Viability control SSB-07-A · Slingshot Biosciences
Slingshot Biosciences
50 tests per vial £246.00
50 tests per vial