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SpectraComp® from Slingshot Biosciences are synthetic cells that mimic the optical and autofluorescence profile of lymphocytes for spectral flow cytometry analysis. Compatible with violet and UV fluorochromes, SpectraComp provides unparalleled fluorescence response and conveniently words with multiple antibody species, including mouse, rat and hamster. 

Benefit of using SpectraComp
• Provides precise, reliable and repeatable results 
• High stability with multi-year shelf life
• No complex sample preparation required
• Accurate spectral unmixing for spectral analysis
• Easier experimental set up with less compensation analysis

Autofluorescence in Spectral Analysis 


Complete spectral signature comparison with signatures of SpectraComp used that indicated fluorophores matched those of single strained leukocytes.


Left: Cells. Middle: SpectraComp. Right: Competitor. SpectraComp outperforms the competitor with violet dyer

Material available for download
SpectraComp product flyer 

SpectraComp is a registered trademark of Slingshot Bioscience, Inc.


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