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Analysis kits for quantitative mass spectrometry: MaxSpec

The MaxSpec® analysis kits from Cayman Chemical offer complete solutions to streamline sample and standard preparation in mass spectrometry applications. With each lot undergoing rigorous testing to ensure consistent performance, these kits contain all necessary reagents including a details protocol to simplify workflows and improve reproducibility from run to run.
Benefits of using the MaxSpec analysis kits
• Purpose built for mass spectrometry
• Streamline sample and standard preparation
• Each lot rigorously tested
• Consistent performance and reproducibility
• Contain all necessary reagents

AMP+ MaxSpec™ Kit
Many lipids have a free carboxylic acid group that typically requires a weak acid mobile phase to ensure retention by HPLC. Unfortunately, the presence of the acid in the mobile phase also suppresses anion formation and often leads to poor electrospray ionization and poor MS sensitivity. This kit contains a positively charged reagent (AMP+) that can be coupled quantitatively to free carboxylic acids through an amide bond linkage. The resulting derivatised product thus contains a positively charged group that shows improved electrospray ionization and consequently improved MS sensitivity. Cayman Chemical’s derivatisation reagent is stable to MS/MS fragmentation and thus isobaric derivatives undergo compound-specific fragmentation to give unique fragment ions.

Dienes Derivatisation MaxSpec Kit
Enhance sensitivity of 1,3 conjugated dienes (e.g. vitamin D metabolites) in mass spectrometry applications using an optimised derivatision reagent. The improved detection leads to increased precision and accuracy in quantitative mass spectrometry applications.
Download the dienes derivatisation MaxSpec kit application note

Oxysterol Derivatisation MaxSpec Kit
Designed for the sensitive detection & relative quantitation of oxysterols in biological samples, this kit uses enzyme-assisted derivatisation with d0/d5 labelled Girard’s P reagent to give GP hydrazones. The instrumental response of the derivatised oxysterols is significantly improved due to the presence of a positively charged quaternary nitrogen group in the labelled and unlabelled GP hydrazones. Included in this kit are the essential reagents to derivatise oxysterols in mixtures for sensitive and comparative LC-MS analysis.

Custom MaxSpec Quantitative Sets and Mixtures
Mixtures and sets are in development to meet the requirements of modern quantitative applications. Contact our Cayman Chemical specialist for a quote for custom sets or mixtures for quantitative mass spectrometry.

A selection of the kits available are shown below. For a full list, please contact our Cayman Chemical specialist.

Material available for download
Application note: novel method of derivatisation to improve LC-MSMS sensitivity


Note: product availability depends on country - see product detail page.

Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
Dienes Derivatization MaxSpec® Kit CAY601510-100 tests · Cayman Chemical
CAY601510-100 tests
Cayman Chemical
100 tests £378.00
100 tests
Oxysterol Derivatization MaxSpec® Kit CAY601540-50 tests · Cayman Chemical
CAY601540-50 tests
Cayman Chemical
50 tests £490.00
50 tests
AMP+ MaxSpec® Kit CAY710000-100 tests · Cayman Chemical
CAY710000-100 tests
Cayman Chemical
100 tests £437.00
100 tests
AMP+ MaxSpec® Kit CAY710000-50 tests · Cayman Chemical
CAY710000-50 tests
Cayman Chemical
50 tests £242.00
50 tests
Hydrogen Peroxide Ratiometric MaxSpec™ Kit CAY601460-1 ea · Cayman Chemical
CAY601460-1 ea
Cayman Chemical
1 each £300.00
1 each