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Analytical chemistry & mass spectrometry

Cambridge Bioscience offers an extensive range of reagents, certified reference materials, analytical standards, isotopically labelled standards, and controls to complement analytical chemistry and mass spectrometry. The range is supplied by Cayman Chemical, MedChem Express and Fujifilm Wako Chemicals.

Analytical standards

Analytical standards are important for normalisation and accurate quantitation in mass spectrometry as a result of sample-to-sample biological matrix variability. Standards within our range, such as Cayman's MaxSpec, offer the desired quantitative reproducibility needed during analysis. Cambridge Bioscience offers over 15,000 analytical standards for use within a variety of scientific fields such as life sciences, agriculture, geology, food and medicine.

Cayman's analytical standards are formulated for use in analytical testing. They may be suitable for identification, analytical method validation and quantification, however analytical methods requiring quantification may require an assessment of suitability or in-house verification to meet lab specifications and accreditations.

Isotopically labelled standards

Isotopically labelled standards provide site-specific investigation of structures enabling easy detection of specific molecules by mass spectrometry and NMR. These unique tools are important for identifying and understanding biological and chemcial processes. A wide variety of isotopically labelled standards, covering gases to complex molecules, are available within our range including deuterium-, 13C-, and 15N-labelled compounds. All compounds are stable and non-radioactive.

Search for the standard the best suits your research.

Differences between certified reference materials (CRMs), reference materials (RMs) and analytical standards

  Certified reference materials Reference materials Analytical standards
Quantitative solutions X    
Sealed ampule packaging X    
Produced and tested in Cayman's ISO 17034 and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories X X  
Recommended for testing laboratories requiring ISO 17034 reference materials X X  
Multiple and/or custom sizes   X X
Qualitative solids   X X
Recommended for general research   X X
Qualitative solutions     X

Materials available for download

Cayman Chemical forensic chemistry brochure
MedChem Express isotope-labelled compounds handbook

Products that fall within the drug reference material range may be considered a controlled substance. We will require confirmation that you possess the necessary UK Home Office license for us to be able to supply a controlled product. These products may also be subject to additional fees for the handling and processing of your order.