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FlowCytes® from Slingshot Biosciences are the first cellular mimics that match the optical properties of cells, setting a new standard for flow cytometry instrument calibration and quality control assays. These shelf-stable, high precision polymer based cells is the ideal solution for ensuring that instruments are at peak performance to generate high quality flow cytometry data.

Benefits of using FlowCytes
• Performance and lot-to-lot consistency
• Enhanced sensitivity with easier gating
• High level of customisation
• Mimics lymphocyte, monocytes and granulocytes populations
• Tuned to match physical and optical properties of real cells
• High stability with multi-year shelf life
• Eliminates sourcing and cost limitations of bio-based materials

FlowCytes accurately mimic white blood cell populations


Left: Isolated PBMCs. Right: FlowCytes PBMC. The FlowCytes PBMC accurately mimic the flow cytometry expression profile of lymphocytes, monocytes, and granulocytes.

Material available for download
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