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Synthetic white blood cell controls: FlowCytes

Set the new standard for flow cytometry quality control with the most advanced and cell-like synthetic cellular controls from Slingshot Biosciences. FlowCytes® cellular controls match the optical, fluorescence and biochemical properties of white blood cells, offering the ideal solution for flow cytometry instrument calibration for quality control assays. Break free from biological and bead-based controls with these shelf-stable, high-precision synthetic cells.

Benefits of using FlowCytes synthetic cell controls
• Exceptional lot-to-lot consistency
• Generate highly reproducible data
• Enhanced sensitivity with easier gating
• Custom cells available to match any cell type, even rare diseases
• Mimics lymphocyte, monocytes and granulocytes populations
• Tuned to match physical and optical properties of real cells
• High stability with a multi-year shelf life
• Eliminates sourcing and cost limitations of bio-based materials

FlowCytes synthetic white blood cell mimics simplify the process of analysing blood samples

FlowCytes accurately mimic white blood cell populations


Left: Isolated PBMCs. Right: FlowCytes PBMC. The FlowCytes PBMC accurately mimic the flow cytometry expression profile of lymphocytes, monocytes, and granulocytes.

Material available for download
Flowcytes product flyer

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Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
FlowCytes┬« non-fixed WBC mimics SSB-04-C · Slingshot Biosciences
Slingshot Biosciences
25 tests per vial £291.00
25 tests per vial
FlowCytes┬« Fixed WBC Scatter mimic SSB-15-A · Slingshot Biosciences
Slingshot Biosciences
25 tests per vial £291.00
25 tests per vial