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Rapid exosome quantification: EXOCET & FluoroCet

The EXOCET Exosome Quantitation Kit and FluoroCet Exosome Quantitation Kit from System Biosciences (SBI) are antibody-free, colourimetric and fluorescent assays to  measure Acetyl-CoA Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity, an enzyme shown to be highly enriched in  exosomes. These quantitative kits include calibrated standards, enabling you to calculate the number of exosomes in your sample. 

The FluoroCet kit is ideal for quantifying exosomes when samples are limited, as the sensitivity is increased over 30-fold compared with the EXOCET kit. 

Benefits of using the EXOCET and FluoroCet Quantitation Kits
• Compatible with human, mouse and rat samples
• Compatible with most exosome isolation methods including the ExoQuick™ reagents, ultracentrifugation, immunoaffinity purification and chromatography
• Complete in 20 or 60 minutes 
• Internal assay standards enable exosome abundance calculation
• Quantitation based on AChE activity (enzyme enriched in most exosomes)

EXOCET sample data and standard curve

EXOCET sample data and standard curve

Exosome quantitation with EXOCET takes as little as 20 minutes and 50 µg (protein equivalent) of sample. Exosomes were isolated from either human serum (0.5 mL) or from MDA-MB-231 culture media (10 mL) using standard ExoQuick and ExoQuick-TC reagents. Exosome pellets were resuspended in PBS and total protein concentration measured using a BCA assay (~108 exosomes, 2 µg/µL). Exosomes were lysed using the EXOCET gentle lysis solution to preserve the enzymatic activity of the exosomal AChE enzyme. The standard curve was generated using known numbers of exosomes (as measured by NanoSight) and calibrated with a recombinant AChE enzyme standard solution provided in the kit.

Material available for download
EXOCET Exosome Quantitation Assay Kit user manual
Fluorocet user manual

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