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Blue nucleic acid gel stain: DNAzure

DNAzure®  from Biotium is an ultra sensitive reagent for visible staining of dsDNA in agarose gels or polyacrylamide gels. Detecting as little as ~1 ng DNA, rivalling most fluorescence-based gel stains, DNAzure blue nucleic acid gel stain allows the deep blue bands to be seen by eye following 5-30 minutes light exposure with no need for expensive gel documentation systems or DNA-damaging UV light.

Benefits of using DNAzure
• Deep blue bands visible by naked eye following 5-30 min light exposure
• Detect as little as ~ 1 ng DNA
• Simplified DNA band excision
• No need for DNA-damaging UV light
• Compatible with downstream applications e.g. sequencing and cloning
• No need for gel documentation imaging systems
• Gels can be dried for long term storage

DNAzure Gels

Biotium’s 1 kb DNA ladder was loaded on a one percent agarose gel in two-fold dilutions, ranging from 200 ng to 25 ng total ladder per lane. The mass of the 500 bp band in each lane is labelled. The gel was stained with DNAzure® Blue Nucleic Acid Gel Stain for 25 minutes, and then the visible blue DNA bands were developed for 30 minutes using a blue LED transilluminator. The gel was placed on a white light transilluminator and imaged with a cell phone camera.

Material available for download
DNAzure visible DNA gel stain brochure
DNAzure blue nucleic acid gel stain protocol


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DNAzureĀ® Blue Nucleic Acid Gel Stain, 100X BT41020 · Biotium
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