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AAV quantification: QuickTiter

The QuickTiter™ AAV Quantitation Kit from Cell Biolabs uses a proprietary technology to quantify the viral nucleic acid content of AAVpreps, which can be used for unpurified supernatant of AAV-2 or AAV-DJ, or with purified AAV from any serotype.

Benefits of using the QuickTiter AAV Quantitation Kit
• Ultra-fast procedure (<2 hours)
• Wide sample compatibility
• Sensitive limit of detection - 109 GC/mL (unpurified AAV supernatant) or 5 x 1010 GC/mL (purified AAV)

How the QuickTiter Works

How QuickTiter works

QuickTiter AAV Quantitation Kit citations

Material available for download
QuickTiter AAV Quantitation Kit manual


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