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Long Read Microbiome Sequencing From Illumina Sequencers
Microbiomic & Metagenomic Research Tools
ZymoBIOMICS Microbial Community Standards
Achieve High Yield Mammalian Protein Production In Suspension HEK 293 & CHO Derived Cells

PCR & quantification kits for microbiomics

PCR & quantification kits for microbiomics

The ZymoBIOMICS™ PCR Premix is a low-bioburden PCR PreMix with robust amplification, which enables the detection of low-copy DNA.

We offer a PCR PreMix containing all the reagents needed to perform PCR and other molecular downstream analysis with the addition of probes or fluorescent dyes. Featuring a “hot-start” DNA polymerase that has 3’-terminal transferase activity and is validated low-bioburden to ensure nonbiased analysis in microbiomics and metagenomic workflows, the ZymoBIOMICS™ PCR Premix is simple and easy to use.

Benefits of using the ZymoBIOMICS™ PCR Premix
• Simple protocol
• Robust amplification for the detection of low copy DNA
• Ideal for highly sensitive applications
• Certified low-bioburden

Femto™ DNA Quantification Kits
We offer kits for the reliable detection and quantification of bacterial, fungal, or human DNA with high sensitivity and specificity. Essential for downstream applications requiring accurate DNA inputs, the Femto™ DNA Quantification Kits, can be used to dependably quantify as little as 20 fg of DNA in 1 µl purified from biological liquids, anthropological samples, forensic DNA samples, bacterial/fungal cultures and more.

Benefits of using the Femto™ DNA Quantification Kits
• Fast procedure
• Simple protocol
• Sensitive - quantify > 20 femtograms of fungal DNA in as > 1 µl of sample
• High specificity for fungal/bacterial/human DNA in a background of nontarget DNA

Material available for download
Femto™ Fungal DNA Quantification Kit
Femto™ Bacterial DNA Quantification Kit
Femto™ Human DNA Quantification Kit


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